Shelter Dog Has Spent A Year Watching People Pass His Kennel Without Stopping

For over a year now, this sweet shelter dog named Rocky has been waiting for someone to love him.

Each day, potential adopters pass through the doors of the Humane Society for Hamilton County, Indiana, in search of a new pet, but they never stop for Rocky. While other dogs around him have found loving homes, Rocky still remains.

“[He] doesn’t understand why he’s still here,” shelter staff wrote.

Rocky, however, has yet to give up hope.

Though Rocky’s year-long wait for a family is certainly sad in the abstract, his caretakers recently found a way to put his experience in a heartbreakingly real new perspective.

They placed a camera in Rocky’s kennel to show exactly what he sees daily — countless people passing by without seeming to give him much consideration.

Yet through it all, Rocky waits with a wagging tail — and a hopeful heart — that today might be the day everything changes:

After being posted online last month, the video above went viral, racking up millions of views in just a few short weeks. But despite all that attention, his circumstances haven’t changed.

As of this week, his caretakers wrote, “Rocky is still waiting for his perfect person to come along.”

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