Shelter Dog Is All Ready To Go To New Home — Then His Family Calls To Change Their Mind

Cody has been in the care of the RSPCA for almost his entire life. The shelter staff worked so hard to try and find him a new home and were thrilled when they finally succeeded. His new family spent months coming to the shelter to get to know him and help him feel comfortable. Everything was moving along wonderfully — until the family’s circumstances changed.

“We were absolutely gutted when Cody’s adoption fell through the day he was due to be picked up,” Sarah Welham, kennel supervisor at the RSPCA’s Martlesham Animal Centre, said in a press release.

Cody was all ready to go home that day, but instead, he found himself back at square one with no prospects once again.

“Now, Cody’s hunt for a new home begins again,” Welham said.

Cody has some challenging behaviors, which may be the reason he keeps getting overlooked, such as being reactive towards strangers, dogs and some vehicles. He’s looking for a family who can help him continue his training and build his confidence.

“Cody is such a fabulous little dog, and he’ll thrive in the right home,” Welham said. “He finds strangers frightening, but once he gets to know you, his true soppy side comes out! He’s super affectionate and really playful. He absolutely loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth while his whole body wags with excitement!”

If possible, Cody would love a quiet home in a rural area without too much excitement around. Otherwise, he just needs a family who can be patient with him while he adjusts to his new life. He may have his quirks, but he truly will make the best addition to a lucky family. He just needs someone to give him a chance.

“Although we were devastated that it fell apart at the last minute, it gave us and Cody great opportunities to meet new people, and it was great to see how he adapted to the meetings and has given us great insight to start looking for another home for him,” Welham said.

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