Shelter Dog Looks Exactly Like Beloved Character From Animal Crossing Video Game

When Lindner first arrived at the Clearfield County SPCA, she was struggling. She’d come from a home with too many puppies where she wasn’t able to be properly cared for. She was dirty, malnourished and covered in fleas, so her new friends at the shelter quickly began giving her a whole bunch of TLC.

The shelter employees were worried it would take a long time for Lindner to begin to thrive, but, luckily, she bounced back quicker than they expected.

“We were ecstatic when she began to gain weight and flourish into this wonderful puppy,” Alyssa Hammond, the shelter manager at Clearfield County SPCA, told The Dodo.

Once Lindner had healed, the shelter began posting her on social media so everyone could see how cute she was — and that’s when people first noticed something about her: Little Lindner looks exactly like KK Slider from the popular Animal Crossing video games.

KK Slider is a laid-back musician who performs songs for the other characters in Animal Crossing. He gives away his music for free and is focused on spreading happiness to everyone around him.

The resemblance is truly uncanny, and it’s made Lindner very popular among fans of the games. Her friends at the shelter, however, had no idea that Lindner had a doppelganger out there and were surprised and delighted when they noticed everyone getting so excited about their little puppy.

“When it comes to the KK Slider connection, we honestly have never heard of Animal Crossing,” Hammond said. “We knew with her markings and personality that she was a very special girl — we just weren’t aware of how popular she would become.”

Just like KK Slider, Lindner is all about spreading love and joy, and hopefully, very soon, she’ll have a forever family to give all that love and joy to every day.

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