Shelter Dog Overlooked Because She Is Missing A Front Leg

A three-legged shelter dog named Maci doesn’t understand why people continue to pass her by. She is a sweet dog who loves to run, play, and cuddle.

Last August she arrived at the shelter emaciated with a badly broken leg. The vet decided to amputate the leg to give her the best chance at a normal life.

After months of recovery in a foster home, Maci is ready to find her person. Her foster family shared that not much slows her down. “Maci is so spunky and sweet! She plays hard but she also knows how to settle herself. She loves to cuddle and be the center of attention, every time we went into the clinic for her appointments she would go around the room and say ‘hello’ to EVERY SINGLE person. She does not know a stranger!”

Sadly, people walked right by her kennel at the shelter when they see she is missing a leg. They think Maci won’t be able to do everything another dog could do, or it would mean more medical problems.

But they are wrong.

Maci runs and plays just like any other dog. The tripod pup actually plays a little too rough and for that reason needs to be the only dog in a home.

Shelter Animal Behaviorist, Angela, shares longtime shelter pets at Orange County Animal Services on her TikTok (@uniquelyk9) to help them find loving homes. Just before the holidays she featured Maci and shared that the 2-year-old is housebroken, knows basic commands, and ready to find her forever home.

The heartbreaking video of Maci hopping to the front of her kennel and wagging her tail as people pass by was viewed by thousands of people. Many wished for her to find a home in time for the holidays.

Maci had only one thing on her Christmas list – a forever home.

She hasn’t found her person yet but did find a loving foster home. She will be spoiled by her foster dad until she finds her special someone.

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