Shelter Dog That Didn’t Trust A Soul Showers Man With Grateful Kisses

Shelters can be overwhelming places, particularly for fearful dogs. Lala, a scared pup, spent her days cowering beneath a table, shaking uncontrollably. The shelter reached out to Lee from The Asher House, hoping he could help her.

Though Lala hadn’t let shelter volunteers touch her for weeks, she allowed Lee to approach and touch her face within minutes. Lee placed a leash around her, but her behavior indicated that he needed to be patient. He released the leash several times until Lala was ready to walk beside him. Eventually, she led Lee out of the shelter doors.

In the parking lot, Lee opened the back hatch of his vehicle, and Lala eagerly jumped in before it was even fully open. This pup was more than ready to leave the shelter with the one person she trusted. On the ride back to The Asher House, Lala showered Lee with kisses and climbed onto his lap.

Once they arrived at Lee’s home, it was time to introduce Lala to the pack. He started by integrating her with the small dogs, so she would feel more comfortable before moving on to bigger challenges. Lala’s journey and transformation are nothing short of incredible. Thanks to Lee’s patience and dedication, Lala found a new beginning and a chance to trust and love again.

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