Shelter Dog Travels 1,000 Miles To Finally Get His Happily Ever After

Lori, a photographer at Best Friends Animal Society, was looking for a new office dog.

That’s when she found Otis. He was the perfect model for her pictures, but it was time for him to find his perfect family.

Lori thought her friend might be a good match, so she set up a video call for them and Otis. Luckily, they hit it off right away and they wanted to meet Otis as soon as possible.

Although Otis was in California and Lori’s friends were in Oregon, distance wouldn’t stop Otis from getting his happily ever after.

So, Lori packed up her car with Otis and started the 15-hour drive.

Otis did so well during the long drive, and after traveling nearly 1,000 miles, he was finally home.

Now it was time for him to finally meet his new family. The couple absolutely adored their new fur baby, and Otis loved them back just as much.

It didn’t take long for Otis to get spoiled. His new parents bought him a comfy bed to snooze in and new toys to play with.

From going on walks to taking trips to the beach, Otis is living his best life! He will now get to live out the rest of his days with a family who is giving him all of the love he has always deserved.

There are many more dogs like Otis who are stuck in shelters and foster homes, waiting for their happily ever afters too. If you’re interested in adding a new furry member to your family, visit your local animal shelter or humane society.

Watch Otis’ journey to his new life in the video below:

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