Shelter Dog With Tears In Her Eyes Saved Thanks To Viral Photo

Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words. And sometimes a photo will save a life. That’s what happened recently when The High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) visited the City of Portales Animal Shelter in New Mexico and took this photo of a female dog looking sadly out of her cage.

The group shared the forlorn dog’s photo on Facebook where it instantly went viral. The dog looks as though she is crying and has tears in her eyes as she peers sadly at the volunteer on the other side of the bars.

Although her tears are likely because of an eye infection rather than sadness, her pitiful stare with her downturned ears reveal how terrified and alone she is. After her photo circulated, it took a matter of hours for the shelter to be flooded with calls asking after her. And just a short time later, she was picked up and on her way to her new forever home.

Looking at her photo outside of the shelter and in the arms of her new mom, I have a strong feeling that all her future photos will be ones with a smile on her face!

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