Shelter Dog’s Said To Only Have 24 Hours, So Woman Decides To Show Her Love For One Day

All things must come to an end, so it’s all about making life the best it can be. And while some lives are longer and fuller than others, everyone and everything deserves to feel as much love as possible. As dog lovers, we try to do this to the best of our ability for the short amount of time our pets have with us. Luckily for one dog with 24 hours to live, a dog lover noticed her and took her in.

Heather Hayes has made a living out of caring for elderly dogs as she’s the marketing manager of the Asheville Humane Society. So when a senior Chihuahua who typically hides from everyone stared back at her as she passed her cage, she knew she had to have her.

The dog was said to only have 24 hours left to live, but Heather wanted the Chihuahua to experience a loving home even if it were just for a little bit of time. So she adopted her and took her home.

The elderly dog wasn’t expected to make it through the night, but Heather made sure to make her feel right at home. It seemed to provide a little bit of life as the dog made it through the night and into the next day!

With the old girl deciding to stick around, they wanted to give her a new name. She was originally surrendered to the shelter as Jersey Girl, and Heather and her husband threw around Josie and Jazzy before finally settling on Jay-Z. 🙂

Jay-Z is loving her current life in a new environment with siblings and family. It’s everything she needed, and the proof is right in front of us. Just look at what a little love can do!

We can’t help but wonder how long Jay-Z will live now, but for however long she does, we’re just grateful she got to spend the rest of her life this way. 🙂

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