Shelter Puppy’s Iconic Toothy Grin Helps Him Get A Second Chance At Life

Burreaux, a black Labrador Retriever mix, was found by animal control with two of his siblings when they were just eight weeks old.

They were brought to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, where Burreaux, who was the runt of the litter, began treatment for parvovirus.

Thankfully, the little pup proved to be a fighter and he made a full recovery from parvo. He quickly grew into a active, playful pup who loved everyone he met.

And staff at the humane society loved him, too. They noticed that whenever they talked to him, he donned a very toothy grin.

They couldn’t get enough of his smile and posted it on their Facebook page. The videos and pictures quickly went viral, and Burreaux and his toothy grin soon became an Internet sensation.

It didn’t take long for the smiley pup to find a loving forever home! Burreaux, renamed Pappy, is loving life with his new mom, Hollie King, and enjoys cuddling and traveling.

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