Shelter reaches out for help – dog lost home when her owner died

A shelter in Georgetown, South Carolina, reached out to Facebook followers for help after taking in a frightened and confused dog who lost her home when her owner died. The Saint Francis Animal Center posted a photo of a frightened dog named Candy and wrote:

Candy came to us through animal control after neighbors called to have her picked up after her owner passed away. Candy had been with her owner since she was just a puppy and is beyond confused about shelter life. She is scared & depressed, but still as gentle as can be. She enjoys when our staff spends quality one on one time with her but is scared of all the other dogs and loud noises she is surrounded by.

It is Candy, and other dogs like her, which has prompted the animal shelter to ask for help from residents in the area. The agency wrote:

Have an hour of free time? Come volunteer to spend time with a dog who just needs a gentle touch.

Have a little extra room at your house? Come take a dog in need for a sleepover or a short term foster. Even one day out, helps!

Do you want to lend a loving hand? Please contact the shelter’s adoptions team at for more info.

Find the shelter on Facebook here.

(Image via Saint Francis Animal Center)

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