Shelter seeks answers – abandoned dog tied to sign outside of building

A shelter in Puyallup, Washington, is seeking answers after someone abandoned a dog outside of their facility in the early morning hours, before the shelter opened. Metro Animal Services reached out via social media on Saturday with two photos of the dog and a request for help.


This dog was left behind this morning at 4 am. He’s a super sweet boy, but we don’t know anything about him.

We’re asking for your help to find out any information (name, age, health history, etc.).

Because the dog was left without any information, no one knows if he has health issues, or behavior problems. Is he good with other dogs? Can he live with a cat? Is he house-trained? Crate-trained? Nobody knows.

If you recognize this dog, please reach out to the shelter at  253-299-7387 ex. 3.

Find Metro Animal Services on Facebook at this link.

(Note – the blankets and water were put out by shelter staff to help gain the dog’s trust. Whoever left the dog did not leave these items)

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