Shelter Staff Vows To Make Rescue Dog’s Final Days Special

Debrah Wood-Lafave and Jose Miguel Santiago are just two of Vic’s devoted fans from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control. The big, blocky-headed pooch arrived at the Arizona shelter back in May and quickly stole the hearts of the staff with his goofy personality and gentle disposition.

Vic was recently diagnosed with terminal skin cancer, but his friends at the shelter plan to make his remaining days as joyful as possible.

“We want him to know that he’s not just another animal at the shelter, that he’s a part of the whole shelter family,” Santiago told Fox 10.

The Public Information Officer took to Facebook searching for support from the community to create a phenomenal bucket list for Vic. As soon as the post went up, people began pledging their support to the project. One donated a doggie spa day, another vowed to provide a steak dinner, and others offered financial contributions.

Vic’s special day of food, fun and pampering is scheduled for this Friday (September 22, 2017). His time may be short, but thanks to the wonderful shelter staff and the generosity of the local community, it will be filled with love and happiness.

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