Shelter Workers Made An Awesome Music Video To Encourage People To Adopt!

We’ve seen ads everywhere encouraging people to adopt animals at the shelter. Different organizations, animal advocates, and shelters all around the world are doing what they could to promote the adoption of shelter pets. They come up with clever posters, interesting and exciting events just encourage people to help in rescuing these animals.

But instead of appealing to a person’s emotions by showing pictures of abused animals, this shelter has thought of a cool, upbeat, and musical way of asking people to take a chance in adopting animals! They created a music video of the song “Take A Chance On Me” by Abba! And the coordination and choreography is just awesome! I hope you guys enjoy watching this as much as I did!

[youtube id=”mpoiSD-bjP0″]

What an amazing performance! Kudos to the shelter workers and the volunteers for making this video! That was a happy video but it somehow brought tears to my eyes. How about you? Have you already taken a chance on a shelter animal? Share your rescue stories in the comments section!

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