Shelter Works Non-Stop To Help Depressed Mama Dog Reunite With Her Lost Puppies

The staff at Marin Humane Society took in 2 frightened dogs who were surrendered by their owner. When the workers examined the female dog, Cora, they realized that the poor dog had just given birth and had cruelly been separated from her newborn puppies.

Cora was particularly distressed at the shelter. The depressed dog confined herself to a corner in her kennel and sobbed miserably for days. The workers knew they had to put in some detective work to find Cora’s babies.

They began looking into the pups’ whereabouts, and after much effort, they finally managed to find the puppies!

In this touching video, we see the precious moment when Cora is finally reunited with her puppies. Initially, Cora looks extremely worried as she sees the worker bring in the crate. However, she instantly senses the presence of her puppies and nervously walks toward the crate.

Cora is overcome with emotion the moment she sees her puppies waiting for her. The tiny furballs surround their mother with wagging tails and warm kisses. The mama dog immediately starts nursing her starving puppies and thanks the staff for retrieving her little babies!

For the next few weeks, Cora happily raised and pampered her puppies until they were ready for adoptions. The shelter ensured that the entire family found their way into loving forever homes. What a sweet ending for Cora and her pups!

Click the video below to watch Cora’s heartwarming reunion with her lost puppies!

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