Shelters Offering Foster Pets And Free Food To Boost Morale During A Muted Thanksgiving

The pandemic will make Thanksgiving look different this year, but we know who’s still hoping for an invite to your holiday celebration!

Shelters across the country are encouraging Americans to use the extra space and energy saved from a downsized Thanksgiving to foster shelter pets this holiday season. The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, for example, is one of many U.S. shelters offering shelter pets and complimentary pet food to anyone willing to foster dogs or cats this holiday season, thereby giving animals a much-needed break from their kennels and letting them briefly experience the comforts of a loving home.

“There’s no place like home for the holidays. Especially if you’re a shelter pet,” shelter workers wrote on Facebook. “Spending time in a home gives our animals the chance to decompress and show their true personalities. They have so much love to give!”

But Las Vegas residents aren’t the only folks who get to participate in this paw-some holiday program. Shelters in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and other states are also encouraging residents to open their homes to help shelter animals throughout the holidays. (Some shelters, including Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, are also offering reduced “Black Friday” rates on adoption).

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