Shelters that rescue paralyzed dogs are worth a visit . These poor puppies

Shelters that rescue paralyzed dogs are worth a visit . The shelter I am going to tell you about is located in one of the most difficult cities on Earth, but it is making a huge impact worldwide. The Milagros Perrundos is located in Lima, Peru, and a woman named Sara Moran is running it. Even though she lives in a developing, or different said; a third world country, she is trying to give her contribution to this world. What makes this shelter really special is that this woman is doing the work all alone, and she has rescued many paralyzed dogs who have been involved in car accidents.


In the shelter Sara Moran has got almost 50 dogs, and she provides all their foods and services through donations that she receives.


People worldwide sent a small contribution to maintain her shelter. Ms Moran does not have any profit from the job she is doing because besides all the food, building maintenance, and vet visits, she has to buy wheelchairs for her paralyzed babies. I think all the hard work she does is really worth it. The dogs she has at the shelter look really content and happy with their life.

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