Sheriff Responds to Reports of a ‘Loose’ Pit Bull, Only to Be Surprised by the Dog’s Actions

This heartwarming story dispels stereotypes surrounding Pit Bulls and has a delightful ending that will make you smile.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a loose Pit Bull roaming the streets, causing concern among neighbors. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, the dog’s unexpected actions took everyone by surprise. Locals had been worried about a “dangerous” Pit Bull on the loose, but they soon realized their concerns were misplaced.

The police department shared the following statement:

“This morning, deputies responded to an Animal call in South District. A large pit bull was running around and neighbors were worried,” the department said.

Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that this wonderful dog was just out looking for friends to play with.”

“After sufficient play time and fun, deputies were able reunite the dog with his owners.”

“A gate was accidentally left open and this beautiful dog was able to be taken back to his loving home.”

Officer Ray McPhatter also decided to recount a similar story about his own experience with a Pit Bull, highlighting how appearances can often be deceiving.

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