She’s Destroyed Every Toy Except the One That Looks Like Her

Not all dog toys are created equal.  As people that have furry additions to the family know all too well, some toys just don’t last. Unless your dog is Luca that is.


Luca’s human, Karissa Lerch had always wanted an Alaskan Malamute.  However she would have to wait, so she got a little stuffed one as a bit of a stand in.


Once she got Luca, she no longer really needed the stand-in, so she gave it to Luca.  Of course, only one of the dogs grew.  Along the way, Luca was given many other toys, but none of them lasted, ever.  Except for this little stuffed dog.


To this day Luca still has her doppelganger.  It’s the only toy to survive well into her grown up years.  It may look a bit beat up, but she still loves that stuffed toy all the same.


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