Shocked Home Buyers Discover A Scared, Starving Dog Locked In A Closet

When the new owners of what was previously an abandoned building started their home renovations, they were shocked to discover that someone had not only abandoned a dog inside, but that they had locked him in a closet.

As you can imagine, the Pitbull mix was in really rough shape when he was found. Not only was he in dire need of food, but he also desperately needed medical attention.

Police are currently searching for the person responsible for abandoning, and essentially sentencing the dog to die in a closet. Luckily, the new owners discovered him when they did, because he barely made it out alive. The poor pup was found to be visibly malnourished, emaciated, and extremely fearful.

The home had been vacant for many months after it was foreclosed on, and before it was recently taken off the market. The dog was discovered when the home’s new owners started remodeling. They’re still not quite sure how old he is or how long the poor baby was all alone in the closet. But by his current condition, it’s safe to say that he hasn’t been properly cared for in a while.

“Once the humane society looks at him, we’ll have a better idea of whether he’s suffered any infections or serious injuries. Once we’re able to interview the owner and know the dog’s condition, we’ll have a better idea of what we might charge them with,” said officer Douglas Bell.

Currently, the authorities believe that the dog’s original owner was not the previous owner of the home, but rather someone who was squatting in the building prior to it being purchased. Thanks to a couple of local leads, police have identified a suspect, and are in the process of locating him now.

According to the laws in Maine, individuals arrested for these types of allegations could potentially be charged with cruelty to animals, and a conviction could lead to a $500 fee for each violation. Plus, the person could be held liable for the animal’s medical expenses.

The court could also prohibit them from owning an animal or working around animals for a minimum of five years.

Police officers held the petrified pup while they waited for a state animal welfare officer, and then he was taken to Central Aroostook Humane Society where he received much-needed medical treatment.

Hopefully, the suspect will soon be brought to justice.

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