They Were Shocked To See The Dog Chained Outside. When They Learned Why? Heartbroken.

During a visit to Costa Rica, members of an animal rescue organization from Los Angeles called Hope for Paws got a call about a dog chained to an abandoned house.


Hope for Paws is a non-profit group that rescues animals in need. They use education to help stop abuse and consider pets to be members of their family!


The dog, named Patsy, had been chained to the house with a metal chain when her previous owners moved out. The founder of Hope for Paws, Eldad Hagar said the neighbors up the hill heard the dog barking and had been giving her food and water but were not sure what to do.


They didn’t want just to untie her and have her run off. Patsy was very excited to see her rescuers come to the house and was overjoyed to be free from her metal chain.


Patsy was covered in fleas and ticks and was taken to Costa Rica Dog Rescue to be cleaned up.

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