While Shooting This Video, A Homeless Dog Comes On Set And Literally Adopts The Singer!

While this may seem like a garden variety music video to any viewer who is not familiar with the backstory, this is a music video with a most unlikely star. Arthur Yoria, the musician who created this catchy little ditty called “Ruff Life”, was attempting to shed light on the epidemic of homeless dogs in the Houston.

The music video was meant to be included in a documentary on the topic, but when this adorable little puppy meandered her way onto the set, the crew on hand could immediately see the star potential in the animal. Some might say that she was adopted by Arthur, but from the looks of it, it seems as if she is the one who took him under her wing.

Some of the best things in life are the ones that come about unexpectedly. The best things in life also tend to be free and this sweet puppy is certainly no different. All it takes is one random event like this one to change your entire worldview. When Arthur was shooting his music video, he probably did not expect for one of the animals he was trying to save to wander into the picture and steal his heart.

Once it became clear that the dog was going to be a fixture in his life going forward, the animal was taken to the local veterinarian’s office for a much needed check up. The pup was given a clean bill of health and Arthur was able to take his brand new pal to home to start their new life together and become a loving family.

Now that the puppy has been given a home and saved from living life on the Houston streets, the animal will never have to suffer through another cold and lonely night without anyone to care for her. No one deserves to feel alone and we are beyond glad that Arthur stepped up to provide her with a home that she can finally call her own. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

Arthur has made a solemn vow to love and care for this homeless dog for the rest of her life and this video is one of the most inspiring clips that we’ve ever seen. Be sure to share this incredible rags to riches story with your closest friends and family by posting the video on your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline.

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