Shoppers Spot Dog Alone Outside Target, Then See Sign Around His Neck That Reads ‘Waiting’

After rescuing a three-year-old Golden Retriever from the shelter, Steve Moore trained the dog to something no one ever thought possible. Steve trained Jackson to sit and patiently wait outside the store while he shops! Jackson was a dog no one had wanted at the shelter, and how after what Steve has done – everyone wants Jackson!

Believe it or not, Steve isn’t a professional dog trainer. Steve was able to get amazing results with Jackson in a very short time. Jackson was trained in high traffic locations and learned to ignore distractions. Steve hides just out of sight and watches Jackson. Steve said he would never leave the dog unattended outside a store if he thought Jackson wouldn’t run out into traffic.

Watch the video below, you will be amazed!

Jackson is one lucky, well-trained dog! Jackson ended up right where he need to be! Share away, people!

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