Shy Dog Comes Out Of Her Shell Every Time She Gets A Chance To Do This!

Did your dog wear a costume last Halloween?

Most dogs are not comfortable wearing clothes or costumes. Some of them won’t even move if their owners let them wear something. But the dog in the video is the total opposite, cos this cutie just loves wearing costumes!

Everyone, meet Fiesta–a very shy dog who lives at Dogtown, one of the Best Friends Animal Society’s animal sanctuaries. Fiesta is still getting comfortable in her own skin, so she’s not really confident about herself just yet.


However, Dogtown caregivers found a way to help Fiesta overcome her shyness. They found out that every time Fiesta wears a costume, she somehow gains confidence! Everyday is like Halloween to Fiesta and she gets to wear different kinds of costumes!


When Fiesta wears a costume, her tail wags non-stop and she has a big smile on her face! Watch the video below and see how happy and confident Fiesta is when she wears a costume!

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