Sick doggo’s final ride turns out to be just what he needed

Meet Maverick. Maverick is about the luckiest dog alive, simply because against all odds he’s still around to wag his tail.


Not only was Maverick rescued from a kill shelter, where he was mostly skin and bones, but he’s recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma.


His family did what any family would do; they fought it. The first round of chemotherapy was a success and Maverick went into remission. Two months ago, however, it came back and the chemo made Maverick so weak, he couldn’t walk. Everything looked dire and they worried that this would his last days.


So his owner Joey Maxwell had a brilliant idea. He put Maverick on a wagon and took him for walks through the town. Thinking that this might be it, he wanted Maverick to enjoy his last days, being outside and just loving life.


They went to the local hardware store, and knowing that all of their savings had been spent on chemo for Maverick, they had very little money for a wagon. After sharing his story, Maxwell and Maverick got a discount on a some wheels from the touched employees, to make the ride extra comfortable for Maverick.


I mean how can you not love this guy? He’s adorable!



Originally the plan was to take it day by day, but every day they go for a walk, and the neighbours make a point to give Maverick a pat.


Just look how much he loves the rides and his adoring supporters.


And the town gives him so much love.







But you should never discount the power of love, because what looked like Maverick’s last week, turned out to be his motivation to fight.


Maverick got up a few days ago, with the help of a wheelchair and he’s moving on his own.


Even sitting up unaided. How’s that for a turnaround? This guy is one hell of a fighter.

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