Sick Pup Was Hiding Behind The Shelf In This Room. When I Learned Why? I’m Heartbroken.

No one wants to die – even the poor, neglected, and abused dogs sitting in an animal shelter. Monday in an Alabama county shelter, a 5-year-old collie, made sure everyone knew he wasn’t about to let his life end. The shelter is overcrowded, and no one had some to adopt him, probably because of the way he looked – he is very thin and has demodectic mange (a treatable condition).


Workers at the shelter led this friendly dog to the euthanasia room, but the dog sensed something wasn’t right. Just as they lifted him up to the table, he struggled, wiggled, and jumped down and hid behind the supplies in the cabinet. You can see the bag of syringes used for euthanasia in the picture.


His actions moved the shelter staff, and they reached out for help.

Take a look at this video:


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  1. warriorsmom

    It is so sad to know that there are so many successful no-kill shelters in this country, and yet, there still shelters like this one. What does it take to make the heartless realize that these dogs have emotions and don’t want to die? The overcrowding of shelters is as sad situation, but when there are examples of no-kill facilities that are successful all over this country, what’ wrong with this picture? I hope there is a reply to these inquiries about the fate of this scared pup. And I hope someone at this facility has enough compassion to look at the shelters that are doing things differently as examples to follow.

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