Sick Shelter Dog Doesn’t Have Long To Live, So They Took Him Out To Have His Best Day Ever

Walter, a 10-year-old shelter dog, has congestive heart failure. The shelter is unsure of how much longer he has to live, so they want to make sure he is as comfortable and happy as possible. And they want his last days on earth to be the best days possible.

Being cooped up in a shelter kennel can be very stressful for dogs and make them depressed. When they’re sick to begin with, it can take even more of a toll on their body. That’s why the Last Chance At Life shelter in Oceanside, California, took Walter out for the day for so many fun things. He got an aromatherapy massage, picked out new toys and treats, and even got his own cake with his name on it!

The best news is that Walter was adopted into a loving forever home! Now he will spend the rest of his time on earth with a real family, loving them and being loved in return!

Click here to read Walter’s story from his new mom’s perspective.

Watch Walter’s adventure in the video below:

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