Silly Pup Refuses To Ride In The Car Unless His Human Holds His Paw For Comfort

While some dogs are naturally brave, others are a bit shy and might need a little coaxing from their human to feel comfortable. Some dogs may love water, others can’t stand it. Most dogs like people, but some are a bit apprehensive of unfamiliar faces. Then there’s car rides, which naturally most dogs love.

The sweet dog in this video seems to be enjoying his car ride with his dog dad, but only under one condition: he needs his paw to be held at all times. Watch as Tom the dog rides along with his human, and each time that his dog dad tries to let go of his paw, Tom makes it very clear that this is not going to fly in his book!

How cute was that?! That’s one dog who really loves his human! Share this super sweet videos with your friends who love dogs, just like you!

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