Singer Pink Recently Added A New Addition To Her Family

The singer Pink recently adopted a rescue puppy with her family! As Pink embarks on her world tour, she has decided to add even more craziness into the mix. Pink has two children with husband Carey. The children are named Willow and Jameson. Now they have another baby…a puppy named Nash.

Pink took to Instagram to share the news of their new dog. The photo is of her 7-year-old daughter holding their new puppy. Her caption read, “Thank you to the Nashville Humane Association for bringing puppies to the show for us to play with. Of course, we went home with one. Meet our new rescue; his name is Nash. Short for Nashville.” How great is it that Pink decided to adopt a rescue dog?

See The Photo Of Nash Below

What an adorable name! Perhaps Pink’s family decided it was time for a new dog after their dog, Nanni, passed away last year. Last September she shared a post of herself kissing Nanni with the caption, “Goodbye Kiss. Frangelica “Nanni” Moore Hart. 2002-2018. Rest in sunshine, pretty girl. Thanks for waiting for me to get home.” So sweet, but so incredibly heartbreaking!

It appears that Pink’s family is tagging along on her tour, and Nash will surely keep them all busy and entertained during any downtime! Pink often takes her husband, Carey, and their children along on tour and shares photos of them enjoying the show and hanging out behind the scenes.

More About Pink’s New Tour

Pink’s current world tour is called “Beautiful Trauma.” She is traveling all over the United States as well as other places around the world. This is likely keeping her family and her extremely busy, especially with a new puppy in the mix. He sure is cute though! Are you attending any of Pink’s tour? Maybe she will share the new puppy with her audience at some shows! Check out all of her tour dates and get your tickets here.

What do you think about Pink adopting a dog while she is on tour? Isn’t the dog adorable? Do you like the name Nash (short for Nashville)?

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Check out the video below where Pink gets a surprise from Johnny Depp when she was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show:

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