‘Skin & Bones’ Dog Is Saved From Slaughter And Makes Incredible Transformation

Millie had spent her life at a dog meat farm in South Korea. At the farm, countless dogs are crammed into wire cages, where they barely have any food or water. They are overbred, starved, and neglected.

Luckily, Humane Society International did a rescue mission and saved all of the dogs there before shutting the farm down.

As soon as Nara Kim from HSI spotted Millie, she knew she needed medical attention immediately. She described her as skin and bones and said she looked like an alien.

All of the shelters in South Korea are overrun, so in order for these dogs to get the help they need, they have to be flown out of country.

Millie was flown to Humane Society International’s temporary shelter in the United States.

That’s when she caught the eye of Dave Harless, a volunteer at the shelter. Millie had a heart murmur, which Harless has experience with, so he knew he could help her and decided to take her in.

Harless fell in love with little Millie and decided to permanently adopt her.

In no time, Millie was looking happy and healthy and like a whole different dog.

Harless and Millie even videochatted with Nara to she could see how far Millie had come. She was brought to tears when she saw what Millie looks like today.

Listen to the full story in the video below:

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