‘Skinny and dehydrated’ 10-week-old puppy dumped in trash

In Richmond, Indiana, a “skinny and dehydrated” 10-week-old puppy was abandoned in a pile of trash. Had it not been for trash collector Daren Wilson, who heard rustling noises and caught some movement out of the corner of his eye on Wednesday afternoon, little Kane’s life might have taken a disastrous and fatal turn.

According to the 2nd Chance Animal Rescue in Richmond,

“This baby was found by a Rumpke employee as he was picking up bags of trash. As he picked up a bag this poor baby was underneath it. He is very skinny and dehydrated but is doing much better now. He had no collar and no microchip.”

The black puppy was hard to notice amid the black garbage bags, but Wilson’s sharp vision saved the pup’s life. According to the PalItem, the pup was very timid, but in a few minutes Wilson was able to pick him up and called Kaysie Chase at 2nd Chance Animal Rescue for help.

Now named Kane who is believed to be about 10-weeks-old, is now getting the care and love he deserves. As soon as he gets a clean bill of health, this adorable little Labrador retriever mix will be available for adoption.

Many thanks to Daren Wilson for making a difference.

To donate to Kane’s recovery and to help other pets in need, please click here.

Skinny and dehydrated photo of Kane via Facebook – 2nd Chance Animal Rescue)

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