Skit Is a Super Lover-Boy Who Needs A LOT of Love and Attention

Good day, Life With Dogs readers.  Today, we have an urgent call for help from our friends at the Fulton County Animal Services Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia.  Skit was recently brought to them, and unfortunately, the shelter is just scaring him to death.  He is just terrified of all the noise, and unfortunately, his history isn’t fully understood.  They are concerned that his behavior will be a turn-off for potential adopters.

As usual, the idea behind these daily posts of adoptable dogs is to find them forever homes.  However, if we have to find a foster home for Skit first, that might just be a good thing.  Potentially, if the foster parent or adoptive family could step in and help correct some of these behavior issues.

Let’s let the Fulton County Animal Services introduce Skit


Skit is such a lover!  This boy is a handful to get outside, he rolls on his back every couple of steps because he’s frightened.  Unfortunately he is unattractive to guest when they visit the shelter.

Skit is nervous and appears dominant at the gate.  He will jump up and bark excessively when one walks by.  As you enter he will pancake down and give you belly.  He is just trying to get attention, but it’s quite disruptive when housed with multiple others.  We need this sweetheart to have a safe and loving place to call home.

Fulton County Animal Services
Atlanta, GA
Urgent Hotline 678.870.4364

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