Small Dog Suffering Puncture Wounds and In Shock Now in the Very Best Hands

A tiny stray dog lay unmoving on the porch of a house, drenched from a rainstorm. He had puncture wounds around his neck and it looked like he was slipping away when Stray Rescue of St. Louis spotted him.

“Nathanial was found in shock, completely soaked to the bone from the downpour, and had puncture wounds around his neck from being attacked by a larger dog,” the rescue group wrote on July 31st. “We immediately rushed him back to our trauma center where our amazing vet team was waiting to start saving his life.”

“They immediately assessed his wounds, worked to raise his dangerously low body temperature, and start him on pain management,” Stray Rescue continued. “They will continue to assess his condition every 15 minutes, but now he needs all of us to survive.”

Watch the moment this sweet little boy was rescued in the video below.

Two days later, Nathanial is now resting. He is on fluids, pain management, and is being monitored by the rescue’s vet team. He’s in the very best hands, yet is still in critical condition. If you would like to help him and the other dogs Stray Rescue of St. Louis help save, visit their website.

The latest update on Nathaniel is below.

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