Smart Dog Can Fill Up Her Pool All By Herself

Watch Maddie fill up her pool all by herself with the help of the garden hose! What a smart dog she is for figuring out where the hose should be placed and what to fill with water. It doesn’t matter if the surroundings around the pool area also got splashed with water, right? Now she just needs to work a little bit harder where patience is concerned!

Well, what do you expect from a Labrador who’s only 6 months old! That’s a different task altogether. I’m sure her owners will be able to train her well and before summer’s up, she’ll patiently fill up the pool on her own without drenching the other areas around it!

Don’t you think young Maddie’s smart? Who knows, the next time we see her, she’s also watering the potted plants too haha! Share this video and inspire someone to rescue a dog like Maddie!

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