Smart Dog Knows How To Ask People For Coins To Purchase Treats

A supervisor for a bottled water distributor in Mexico City was out on a delivery route when he stopped at a small market that sells food out of the front window. And that’s where Serch Vazquez met Cabron.

The dog came up to him and scratched at his leg with his paw. What did he want? Money!

Serch’s driver had been to the store many times before and was well aware of the smart dog’s routine. So he told him to give the dog a peso to see what he does with it.

And much to Serch’s surprise, Cabron snatched the coin right from his hand and proceed to head to the window where he deposited it for the cashier. The dog knew exactly what he was doing. He was purchasing a treat!

Here’s the video of Cabron in action:

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