Sneaky Cats Who Thought It’d Be Funny To Try And Steal Their Human’s Things

Some cats make better thieves than pets! The 14 sneaky felines below thought it’d be funny to try and steal their humans things, but they were caught in the act and busted.

“Gotta eat those greens!”

“These are odd cat treats…”

“Just a scoop. They’ll never notice.”

“Oh, my human made me a sammich!”

“Hey! What’s that over there, human?”

“Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look…”

“Must. Have. Doritos.”

“I can use this.”

“If you’re not gonna eat it…”

“Oh you have that? Gimme that.”

“Am I really going to get away with this?”

“I’ll take that!”

“Whatever this is, it’s mine.”

“Unattended pizza is MY pizza.”

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