Soldier Mom Wasn’t Sure If Dog Would Remember Her After 10 Months Apart

Casandra Cabrera had been deployed overseas with the U.S. Army for the past 10 months but was finally on her way back home to see the family she’d missed so much. But would her dog even remember her? It was a thought in the back of her mind when she reunited with Missy May.

Casandra’s mother, Robbi, recorded the reunion in the airport, and it caught the dog’s reaction for all to see. The entire family was obviously happy to see Casandra again, but the dog really stole the show as she couldn’t hold back her excitement. 😉

“I left when she had just turned 1, and wasn’t sure if she would remember me after all that time,” Cabrera told The Dodo. “Her reaction absolutely warmed my heart.”

Amazing how dogs can remember their humans after so long. And reunions like this certainly make the separation and waiting all worth it in the end. 🙂

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