Soldier Returns Home To Her Dogs After 6 Months And They ‘Lost It’

When a family member enlists in the military, it’s always a painful moment for the family as their beloved will be gone away and in danger for months at a time. But it’s even more painful for their pets, who have no concept of what enlisting means, and have no idea why their owner goes away for such long periods of time.

So when this soldier got a two-week injury break, she returned home and decided to surprise her three big, lovable German Shepherds.

Since she had been gone for six months, her dogs had no idea when she was going to return. Still, they waited every day for her. So imagine their surprise and joy when they suddenly saw her sitting on the couch, just waiting for them to come hug her!

The three dogs jump at the first sight of her, slobbering her with kisses and pushing each other out of the way. They are each bigger than their mom, and end up burying her under themselves. But they’re also very love-hungry! It’s almost as if they’re arguing with each other saying, “Back off, I got here first.” What a moment!

And even though she will have to leave again soon, this mom is making sure she spends every minute she has showering her three lovebugs with all the love and attention she can.

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