Soldier Reunites for the 1st Time With Stray Dogs Who Saved His Life in Afghanistan

If it wasn’t for the loyalty of his canine companions, Sgt. Chris Duke honestly doesn’t think he would be here today. While serving on a tour in Afghanistan, Duke befriended a small group of stray dogs–who he named Rufus, Target, and Sasha. These “locals” became constant companions to him during those hard times. A month before Duke was set to return to his home in the US, a suicide bomber attempted to attack Duke’s base. Spotting the deadly intruder, the dogs’ protective skills kicked into overdrive as they alerted the soldiers of his whereabouts.

Not only did these dogs save the life of Duke, but also 50 other soldiers. When Duke returned home to the United States, he didn’t know if he would ever see the dogs again–the friends he credits for saving his life. But with the help of social media and the veteran’s assistance group called Hope for the Warriors, Duke was able to see his dogs again:

It’s amazing how these dogs were able to save Duke and so many others. Here’s to hoping that Rufus has many happy days here for the rest of his life with his new dog dad and the rest of the Duke family.

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