Someone Dropped A Dog Off At The Shelter In A Cereal Box For A Carrier

Someone brought a Maltese/Yorkie mix pup to the county shelter in Riverside, California, in the strangest “carrier” the staff has ever seen. And they’ve seen a lot over the years! Here was a tiny, fluffy pup in a Crunch Berries cereal box.

“We have seen some creative pet carriers in our days,” they said on Facebook. “This real Cap’n Crunch cereal box has to be one of the oddest ways a pet came to us as an over-the-counter dropoff.”

When the shelter workers pulled the dog from the cereal box, they discovered she was covered in fleas. The woman who brought Razz Berry to the shelter claimed she found the dog in the park, but the staff wondered if she was actually the pup’s true owner and just didn’t want to get fleas all over herself.

Razz Berry was very friendly and playful, and after getting cleaned up she started doing some zoomies around the shelter! The cereal box photo garnered a lot of attention online and even made the news, and people lined up at a chance to adopt the sweet girl.

The lucky people who won the lottery for Razz Berry’s adoption was a family who had just lost their dog, Ginger. They decided to fill the holes in their hearts and help a dog who had no one to love. Their other dog, Pepper, a Maltese/Yorkie mix just like Razz Berry, would also benefit from a new friend.

Razz Berry is now in her loving forever home with Teresa, James, and Hayden Sheets! It was just meant to be. 🙂

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