Someone Dumped A Mama Dog Who’d Just Given Birth To 10 Puppies

The staff at the Sacramento SPCA showed up to a surprise at their doorstep one morning: a mama pit bull and puppies with no owner in sight. Thanks to Mom, they’d all survived to this point. But a lot of things would have to come together for this sweet family…

Dumped on the doorstep of the Sacramento SPCA was a pit bull and her 10 newborn pups.

All signs indicated that they had been dropped off just moments after birth. The family was abandoned with no food or water.

The mother was not chained and could’ve wandered off without her puppies, but she didn’t. Her maternal instincts kept her by their sides.

The shelter was happy to have them but nervous about the fostering situation as the pups could not yet be separated from their mother.

But one man was thrilled to take on the family as their foster dad! He created this spot for Mom to nurse her babies and keep them warm.

After everything this mama had been through, she had the sweetest demeanor and allowed her puppies to be handled.

The dog family would stay at their foster home for a few months until they were adopted out.

In the meantime, foster Dad would continue to care for them and have fun posting pictures to his social media accounts. 😉

I’ll never understand how someone could just throw out a mother and her newborns. But thanks to Mama, the Sacramento SPCA, and their foster dad, they’d be safe for the rest of their lives.

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