Would You Do Something Like This For A Deserving Dog?

A story like this one will stay with you forever. A rescued Pit Bull, named Roosevelt (Roo for short), got some seriously sad news: he had cancer and only a short time to live. But what came next isn’t just amazing, it’s inspiring as well.

Roo’s foster family decided to make every wish imaginable come true for a deserving dog. A doggy bucket list! Roo wasn’t in pain so why not take him on adventures so he can experience all the beautiful things life has to offer before he can’t experience them any longer?

From hiking to ice cream cones, Roo did it all! His foster parents didn’t give up on him and let him lie in a corner. This act of kindness makes my heart soar! What do you think of Roo’s story? Would you do something like this for an animal you love? I know I would!

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