Something’s Not Quite Right About This Dog (Hint: Count the Paws, Then Watch The Video!)

Do you guys like optical illusions? Well if you do, here’s an optical illusion for you! Although this one is not a photo. This one is a video, but don’t let your eyes fool you!

In this video you’ll see a dog. But before you get to the end of the video, pause it at 0:01. Now look closely. You’ll see that there’s something not quite right about this dog. Look closer…have you seen it yet? Well here’s hint: look at the dog’s paws and start counting. How many paws do you see? Now I ask you, does that dog have an extra limb, or could there be more than just one dog in this video? Click play and you’ll find out!

LOL! I love the playfulness of these dogs! Just look at that their happy and playful faces!
Well anyway, that was a neat trick! Don’t you agree?

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