Sometimes a hero needs a helping hand

Sometimes a hero needs a helping hand. Deb Spellman, a South Carolina resident, has been actively saving dogs from the overpopulated and high kill animal shelters that are predominant in the southern United States. She works through a non-profit animal rescue known as Dog4u. The rescue takes in dogs that would otherwise be euthanized from the local county shelters and re-homes them through their rescue partners in the New England area.

Deb not only helps collect pledge money to save each dog, but she also fosters these dogs in her home until they are ready to go north to be adopted. Every two weeks she has new dogs arriving at her house.  She treats and loves them as if they were her own.

Along with her many foster dogs, Deb also has her own dogs.  One of the dogs, Madison had to have her gallbladder removed a few months ago. Since then, she has not been doing well. Deb has had Madison since she was two years old.  She has always been very healthy, well cared for and provided for but, for some reason her health has recently taken a turn for the worse.

Poor Madison was put on prednisone, and she suddenly did not want to eat without being coaxed. She had to be finger fed at the beginning of the day. As time went on her appetite grew less and less, and she had to be hand fed more often. Deb did not expect Madison to have further health issues after the gallbladder surgery, but recently the dog became very warm and started shaking. Deb took her temperature, and it was at 104.6 degrees which is dangerously high.

Deb’s husband wet Madison down with wet towels then Deb rushed her to the ER. When Deb and Madison got to the vet, it was discovered Madison was jaundiced in her eyes and inner ears. She was also suffering from a severe infection and her blood and vitals were off the chart. The staff continued to towel wet her all night long, gave her IV fluids, and put her on a heavy regimen of antibiotics. Madison had to stay there for four days and saw an internist.

Madison was given her third ultrasound in two and half months. Her pancreas and kidneys were fine, and the bile duct was intact. Her liver looked good but was still inflamed from the surgery. This is what caused the nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. The internist placed Madison on 7 medications and a prescription diet.  The medication alone is $200.00.

Madison will be on the medications for two weeks and has a follow up visit with the internist at the end of the two weeks. At that time, they will re-evaluate her medication and possibly do yet another ultrasound. Although the plan is costly, the internist is hopeful that Madison can be weened off most of the medication once her situation stabilizes.

This poor dog has been through so much in the past few months. But like those of us who truly love our pets, Deb is going to do whatever it takes to ease Madison’s suffering and make her well again. The gallbladder surgery was quite expensive and the follow up care is becoming quite costly.

Deb Spellman has worked countless hours to save so many dogs in the past. She has never asked for any help for her own dogs, but she needs a help in hand/support at this time to insure Madison’s costly care.

Please give this hero a helping hand so she can keep her beloved Madison.

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