Sometimes Police Dogs Have To Let Their Guard Down And Just Be Dogs

When bad things are going down, you know you can count on K9 units to be dialed in and focused. On the job, they’re reliable and effective. But when the day is over, those highly-trained four-legged heroes are just dogs. They’re fun-loving pooches, just as goofy as any other mutt. And let’s face it, these furry friends have earned some fun!

Not exactly about to strike fear into anyone’s heart at that moment.

Goofin’ for the camera.

Many thin mints were sold that day.

It’s not a pacifier, it’s a chew toy, right?

Happy to be in socks under the scorching Australian sun.

This guy could get a night job as a barista.

Still learning the ropes.

Posted by Swedish police without explanation.

And do we really need any?

Always looking to get some clowning around in whenever possible.

A USMC working dog getting some well-earned relaxation.

This photo shoot didn’t go exactly as planned – or did it?

Never too old to be babied!

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