Son Sends Video To Vacationing Parents To Show Them Their Dog Is Okay

Garrett Johnson‘s parents headed away for a week-long cruise for a much needed vacation and left their dog, Oscar, in the care of their son. As with any dog owner, Mom was worrying more than she had to even though she knew their beloved dog would be in good hands. It’s what a dog mom does best, afterall!

So Garrett decided to put their minds at ease by making a short video to send them showing that Oscar was perfectly fine and even enjoying himself. And it turned out hilariously adorable!

“My parents went on a cruise and left me home alone. My mom kept telling me to take good care of our dog Oscar. So I sent her this,” Garrett said on Facebook.

Mom and Dad were on vacation, but Oscar was the one having the time of his life by the looks of it! 😀

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