“Speak for Me,” A Poem Written In Protest Of Animal Abuse

I haven’t seen anyone for days.
My bones ache for attention,
As I see you walk away.
It didn’t use to be that way.
I guess I got to be too much to handle
As I now sit alone in my deserted land.
I have no voice of my own.
I need you to speak for me.

The days are long as I waste away.
Nowhere to go, I pull at the chains,
Welts at my neck, blood, misery, and pain.
Can anybody speak for me?

As hunger rots my core, I wonder where you are,
And why you have left me here to suffer.
What agony did I cause to deserve this punishment?
Can anybody speak for me?

Do you even remember my name?
When your pellets silence my
Howling cries in the night?


With not even a grassy patch
To rest my weary head upon,
Dirt is all that remains from my constant pacing.
Can someone please speak for me?

I lay here dying and unloved.
As I am being tossed away with the banana peels
And other gluttonous garbage,
I needed you to speak for me.

Poem submitted by Lauren Roller, from Hewitt, TX.

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