St. Louis firemen rescue pup with head stuck in sewer pipe

No one knows what could have caught the interest of a pup on Friday afternoon in St. Louis motivating him to stick his head in a sewer pipe. Oops! No matter how hard the stray pooch struggled, there was no way he was getting that darn pipe off his head without the expertise of some St. Louis firemen.

And to the rescue came the St. Louis Fire Department, arriving at Marnice Place and Labadie Avenue in the Greater Ville neighborhood, according to the department’s Twitter message:

“Not sure what was inside this sewer pipe that lured this puppy, but it wasn’t coming off easily,” stated the tweet. “The members of the T-104 calmed the dog down and gently removed the pipe without harming our best friend…”

The video of the rescue was posted on the department’s Facebook page by Officer Amanda Laughlin. This adorable pooch may even be available for adoption this week.

Stop by the fire department’s Facebook page and give all of our heroes an “attaboy” or “attagirl.”

(Photos and video of St. Louis firemen rescue pooch via Facebook)

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