Starbucks in Washington Features “Dog of the Week” to Boost Local Adoptions


Starbucks in the State of Washington has started a new program that’s all about dogs.  They feature a special, “Dog of the Week” drinking a “Puppuccino” and the whole idea is to hopefully spur more adoption in the area.


Every Tuesday, a volunteer brings a dog from the Kitsap Humane Society to a local Starbucks for a specially made Puppuccino.  The dog also gets to hang around for a while and greet customers as they come in, and they are featured as available for adoption on the shelter’s website.


In case you were wondering or maybe even worried, no they’re not actually giving coffee to dogs.  The specially made “brew” is actually just a cup of whipped cream.  What dog isn’t going to love that?  The dog is even photographed sipping their drink, and the photos have such a charm to them.


This can take place at any number of Starbucks locations in Washington.  A poster of the dog that will be coming in for that day is even posted in the store a few days before, so people can come and met the dog for a possible adoption.


If the program is successful, you may even see this going on at a location near you.  Stay with Life With Dogs for more details on any expansion the program may be doing in your town!


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