Starving Dog Was Ignored Every Day In Front Of A Police Station

The beachside city of Cartagena is a huge tourist attraction on the coast of Columbia. With all of the people coming and going, you can’t help but wonder how a starving dog could be completely ignored. But that was the case for Saori, even when sitting directly in front of the police station.

A local was walking along the beach when she noticed the starving dog in front of the police station.

Violeta Barrero decided to take action and make a Facebook post. Cartagena Paws, a local rescue, saw the post and wanted to help as well.

“Could someone with a car please help us, we need someone who is willing to drive us to Playa Blanca to pick up this poor dog up and bring him to the clinic. I will never understand how people can go to Playa Blanca and see a dog in such a horrible state and continue to eat their lunch and not even share a bite of food with the dog. It is inhumane!”

They went to pick up Saori and bring her back to the shelter.

After a checkup and medicated bath, they really saw just how skinny she was.

They offered her food, but she refused to eat. This is a sign of severe starvation.

But some fried chicken did the trick! 🙂

It took a few days, but Saori started to trust them.

She even ate out of the palm of their hands!

There’s still a long road to recovery, but she’s receiving all of the necessary care.

Things are definitely looking up for Saori as she is surrounded by people who love her.

Saori will be a healthy, beautiful girl in no time. Be sure to check Cartagena Paws for more. 🙂

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