Starving Dog Rescued from 4×4 Kennel Recovers to Find New Home and Best Doggie Friend

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Love makes a huge difference in a dog’s life and Jazzi is a prime example.

I met Jazzi in November of 2019. Her buddy was found running at large and I went to check out how he escaped. My heart sank. Mid-November in Indiana, this petite terrier mix barked at me in a small chain-link 4×4 kennel.

There was no roof, but an upside down yard chair, a rake, a patio umbrella and a shovel as an attempt to keep her and her friend inside. Frail chicken wire covered the opposite side where the items could not reach. There was no shade beside a small dog kennel with a damp blanket covered with filth. A torn, blue tarp hung on the side of the kennel like tattered clothing.

As an 11-year-old senior, she could not jump out like her young canine friend, so she stood there, emaciated. Her paws were covered in straw and feces. There was no clean spot for her to step. Her bowl had an inch of ice in the bottom of it. She had no way to keep warm in the winter weather.

Her body had no mass. You could see the indentations on her skull. Her eyes begged for help, for a miracle, for love. Her paws and snout were pink.

I did not forget about her, but had to take her friend to South Bend Animal Resource Center since he could not be safely contained. But I did not forget about Jazzi. I kept thinking about her.

When I got the call that Jazzi was at the shelter a day later, I was overjoyed. She was so happy to be around everyone. Barely 39lbs, Jazzi craved love as much as she craved food. For the next month, I spent time with her, spoiled her, and loved her. We promoted and shared her story in hopes of a happy retirement. It was sheer luck that a friend of mine saw her and decided she was perfect for her family.

Jazzi looked like the twin to her Sadie, and once they met, they were inseparable. For the Last year, Jazzi has grown in weight and in spirit. She is spoiled and loved, living each day to the fullest. Her mom and sister adore Jazzi and this is what she had to say:

“She’s a sweet, talkative nutjob that loves her new sister.”

Pretty much describes her because she’s crazy, too, sometimes, but in a good way haha. Especially given her age and background. She cracks me up how she “talks.” I talk back to her the same way.

After gaining a healthy weight and muscle tone, Jazzi weighs in between 50-60 pounds at doctor visits. With love and the right home, Jazzi has changed for the better. We are so grateful that she was able to find her happy retirement. Save a life. Adopt a Shelter Dog.

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